Here’s the process


Settle In

Arrive, throw your garments on the rack, and grab a cool beverage out of the fridge. We’ll retouch on the goals for the session and make a game plan.


Warm Up

You’re not comfortable in front of the camera? Well truthfully, nobody is. However, good banter is one of the real secrets to the best shots. Why? When we talk in conversation we tend to make genuine facial expressions versus trying overly “posed” looks.


Shoot, Review, Repeat

We’ll keep shooting and I’ll guide you every step of the way. Taking intermittent pit-stops to review the results and get your feedback, I will also cull the best shots throughout our shoot. After making adjustments on body language, garments, etc we’ll shoot until we have a number of great candidate shots.


Final Review

At the tail end of the session we’ll unplug the camera and review all the best headshots on the monitor. We’ll try to get objective and tailor this final cull to meet your goals. After distilling everything down to the best shots you’ll make your final selections.


Sit Back And Relax

At this point your hard work is done, the session ends and it’s time for me to take your purchases back and start the retouching process. You will have amazing high end headshots coming at you very soon.