A prescription to look credible.

Philadelphia Headshot Photography Businesswoman Katie by Jason Ranalli

Don’t let your headshot be the weak link on your residency application.

Philadelphia Headshot Photography Man Corporate Mehmet by Jason Ranalli

You’ve compiled your list of residency programs. Your ERAS application is nearing its completion. And you’ve started writing your residency personal statement.

You have complete control over how you are perceived with many of these elements.

But what about your headshot?

Many times it’s difficult to get a photo of yourself that you even like let alone one that makes you look trustworthy and competent.

That’s where I come in.

Medical Student ERAS Headshot Lauren Philadelphia Woman by Jason Ranalli

Let’s face it, we’re not actors.  None of us really know what to do in front of a camera.  If we did, then our high school yearbook and DMV photos would have turned out a lot better.

What if you could take control of your headshot?

Philadelphia Headshot Photography Man Corporate Kurt by Jason Ranalli
Business Headshot Christian Philadelphia Man by Jason Ranalli

A professional headshot is more than just a portrait or a selfie.  It is a visual cue that sends the signal out that you are competent, trustworthy and approachable, aka the right person for the job.

You are that person.

Regardless of where you are finishing medical school I will guide you in making your headshot say the right things about you.

Drexel University • Temple University • University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine(PCOM)

Medical Student ERAS Headshot Vanessa Philadelphia Woman by Jason Ranalli
Business Headshot by Jason Ranalli
Business Headshot by Jason Ranalli
Business Headshot by Jason Ranalli

What else goes into a great medical residency headshot?

Well, let me tell you.


Q: What image format is needed for the ERAS application?

A: The format of your file is important for uploading into ERAS.  I will deliver the file in the exact format required for easy upload to the ERAS system:

Dimensions: 2.5 in. x 3.5 in — Resolution: 150 dpi — Max File Size: 100kb

Q: What should I be wearing for this?

A: Business apparel works best for both male and females.  For guys this means a jacket, shirt, and tie that are simple, understated and don’t have any distracting patterns.  For females this most likely means jacket with a shirt/blouse underneath, however, there have been some blouses/dresses sans jacket that have worked well.  Colors should gravitate towards solids and away from bright distracting patterns.  Necklines should not be too low nor too high.  The former can look too casual, and the latter too stiff and closed off.

Q: How can you help me look better in front of the camera?

A: Many headshots fall short of giving someone the credibility and approachability they need because nobody guided the person on what to do in front of the camera.  Not the case here!  I will hand-hold you on the facial expressions and body language every step of the way.  This is the same process I use for executive teams to help them build an outward appearance of trust.

Q: Why are your images zoomed in closer than most other portrait/headshots I have seen?

A: Direct and clear eye contact builds trust.  Anyone looking at your headshot can clearly see that you have business apparel on and we don’t need to show them the bottom of your shirt/blouse. They can also assume you have two shoulders.  By cropping in a touch closer we are leveraging some very subtle facial cues to draw the viewer into you as an actual person rather than just another candidate wearing a jacket.  Candidates(as with any executive) should look engaged, motivated, and present.  They are hiring a person – not someone in a yearbook photo.

Q: But I only need one image, do I have to buy others?

A: You buy only the images that you actually like.  While we will most likely have a number of strong images that hit various veins for professional purposes you are in full control of how many you wish to purchase.  Headshots are purchased independently of session/sitting fee.

Q: How do I choose my images?

A: We will be reviewing the images on a monitor periodically throughout the session to get your feedback and mark favorites.  Once we work through all the facial expressions and garments we will take those favorites and do one final review on a larger monitor to analyze them all in a bit more detail with regards to body language, garments, etc.  You will then make your choice(s) for purchase right then and there.

Q: Can I take the images home to my parents, friends, relatives, etc to choose later?

A: While your family and friends may be excellent at helping you choose the best portrait or yearbook photo they probably are not the best judges of executive presence which is what we leverage here to help you compete.  Moreover, you will most likely get a myriad of conflicting opinions across friends/family that will further obfuscate your gut instincts/choices.  This also delays how fast I can get the final retouched images back to you.

Q: But my parents are paying for this and they need to see a gallery; can you do that?

A: If you must have a gallery to take back to family/friends that add-on is $175.

Q: Are these images retouched?

A: These aren’t high school yearbook photos, folks.  These are high end headshots designed to promote you.  That means high end retouching to cover blemishes, soften wrinkles, cut out redness, remove stray hairs and anything else that prevents this headshot from being the best version of you.

Q: Do different sizes and versions of the same image cost extra?

A: Not at all.  Whether you need the format for ERAS in addition to a few other sizes or even black and white version that is no extra cost.

Jason Ranalli Headshots Philadelphia Acting Corporate Photography Studio 8x10 2016062115
Jason Ranalli Headshots Philadelphia Acting Corporate Photography Studio 8x10 2016062115-2
Jason Ranalli Headshots Philadelphia Acting Corporate Photography Studio 8x10 2016062115
Jason Ranalli Headshots Philadelphia Acting Corporate Photography Studio 8x10 2016062114