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Jason Ranalli:  So for someone who is new to a business or any entrepreneur starting out would you say it’s better to take one thing and really pick it apart as far as you can or just try a bunch of different things and see what sticks?

Jen Anderson:  I think you need to do a bit of both, but if you’re going to invest in something really understand how it’s working for you and test it to the point where you know if it’s either working or it’s not and then move on to something else.

JR:  It’s safe to say you both are very busy people. Madeleine, you have school, you have a band and you have this business going on.

Madeleine Anderson:  I actually have like two schools, an academic one and a performing arts one, that I’m working with right now.JenMad2-3

JR:  Jen, you have another business back here that you’re running called “Once Upon a Time Creation”, you have a family, and now this business.  I have a family and my own business myself so I have to ask, “how do you make this work?”

MA:  That’s a good question…

JA:  Sometimes you are spending more time on it than others and that might not be evident to everyone else from the outside. Obviously, if there’s a week with a lot of orders that’s where a lot of your energy is going to be that week. Maybe next week it’s a little bit lighter so you might not be doing as much production but you’re maybe spending time learning and planning. I do get up really really early in the morning and work for a couple hours before dropping the kids off at school. Then I stop working after school until after dinner and pick it back up again in the evening.[Laughs]

JR:  So certain aspects of the business ebb and flow which you then kind of fill in the gaps around your personal/family life with.

JA:  The thing about having your own business is that you’re in the driver seat so the more effort you put in, the more the business is going to benefit.

JenMad2-1JR:  Have you felt more pressure since it’s a new business to push harder?

JA:  Yes, because we’re learning everything. I’m surprised at how different this business is than Once Upon a Time Creation. Some things are similar but it really is a different business entirely.  But that’s the fun part too.

JR:  How about you Madeleine?

MA:  Probably not quite as much as she is as she is just very invested in this. She’s on top of everything.

JA:  Madeleine doesn’t give herself enough credit. She’s up for any crazy idea I throw out there and she is a hard worker. To me, it’s fun because we’re doing it together.

JR:  I think that’s awesome.

JA:  And we have different strengths which helps. I’m a much more behind the scenes kind of person, whereas Madeleine is a performer and that’s what she loves so having that work together is a gift.

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