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Jason Ranalli: Mixed in with those successes I’m guessing there have been some struggles as well.

What were one or two things that you look back on that you might have been able to do better or that you might even consider mistakes?

Madeleine Anderson: Most of those moments have been at certain vendor shows.

JR: Can you give me an example?

MA: It was a vendor show in this area and basically there was a large crowd that really wasn’t in the interest of our business and some more craft fair type shows that also didn’t really suit our crowd either. Next door will be a lace shop and then the other side will be a vintage remake but then there was us in the middle and that wasn’t what people went there for. So we’ve learned that it is actually better to go to music festivals and that’s the best place for us. Last year was kind of our year of discovery I would say in terms of vendor shows.

JR: Sounds like some of those efforts were slightly wasted, no?JenMad2-5

Jen Anderson:  Some of those shows have been helped us in other ways because we have met people that we work with now as affiliates. However, it’s a much better use of our time to go to something that’s targeted for musicians. One of the biggest surprises that I had is that I thought that 95% of our business would be a younger audience, as in under 17, but I’m not finding that.

JR: That’s what I would have thought too because of the bright vivid colors on the product.

JA:  Yeah, but it’s not really like that. People of all ages want a good case that’s different and fun. I think we had to adjust because of that. There is a  much broader audience than we anticipated which is great.

JR:  Can you think of one other thing in your business that just didn’t work out as planned?

MA:  I think it’s not so much as in something doesn’t work but more just correcting as we go. Adding on is the better term for it. For instance, we started out with the initial bag. It wasn’t wrong, but we thought there could be more to it so we added on. We added the interchangeable Potes, we added the colorful Potes, we added the interchangeable handle, we added the padding, and it was all just adding on to correct it.  I would say if there was anything that was really an a-ha moment it was that it was an elongated process.

JR:  More of an evolution.

JA:  Definitely, definitely an evolution, I would say something that I would probably do differently from a business perspective is being a lot more conscious as in if you’re going to run a Google Ad, really sort of taking that and following that route instead of trying a bunch of things at one time. Focus on one thing, get it right and then move on to the next thing which is what we will do more of in 2017.

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