13 February 2017

Small Business in Focus – Gigy Pt III

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Jason Ranalli: Mixed in with those successes I’m guessing there have been some struggles as well.

What were one or two things that you look back on that you might have been able to do better or that you might even consider mistakes?

Madeleine Anderson: Most of those moments have been at certain vendor shows.

JR: Can you give me an example?

MA: It was a vendor show in this area and basically there was a large crowd that really wasn’t in the interest of our business and some more craft fair type shows that also didn’t really suit our crowd either.

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13 February 2017

A Headshot for Today’s Social Media

One thing I see a lot of across social media accounts and media in general(outside of headshots not being appropriate for the purpose which I have mentioned previously here, are headshots in use that are not compatible or optimized for today’s media formats.

What do I mean by this?

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8 February 2017

Small Business in Focus – Gigy Pt II

To see part I of this interview click here.

Jason Ranalli:  Considering all the things that need to be done in order to run a business across a number of different disciplines, how do you two break that up?

Jen Anderson: The production and the back end of business is me. Madeleine is the face of our brand, picks out the fabrics, and takes most of the pictures for social media.

Madeleine Anderson:  I’m kind of like the pop-culture tie-in.

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3 February 2017

Small Business in Focus – Gigy Pt I

Jen and Madeleine Anderson are a mother daughter team that started their entrepreneurial journey in an effort to help later fund Madeleine’s education.  They created GiGY to offer musicians innovative and unique gig bags and support their mission.  Here we take a peek into their journey.

Jason Ranalli:  What made you want to start your own business?

Madeleine Anderson:  So basically what happened is that the topic of college came up.  I have a couple of years to go before college and I was thinking we should get a little prepared. So I went up to my mom and said, “hey, can we do something about this whole college situation; perhaps do a business or something to help save up for it?” And then she was like, “yeah, sure.”[Laughs]

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1 February 2017

Small Business in Focus – Why am I doing this?

Back in November I sent out a call to small business owners/entrepreneurs around the Philadelphia area willing to share their story.  They were to step into my world for a bit to get interviewed as well as have their headshot taken to be featured alongside their story.

This definitely took time and effort on my part to set all this up, record and edit the interview, add another headshot session into my schedule, retouching, etc, etc.  So that begs the question:

Why am I doing this?

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5 December 2016

Getting the Best Headshot – Real Expressions

There are a lot of elements that go into making a great headshot; clothes, lighting, hair, makeup, shooting angle, pose etc, etc, but if I had to take THE most important element it would be the person’s expression by far.

The whole purpose of a headshot is to evoke some kind of connection between the person in the headshot and the person viewing it.  They’re seeing your face online or even printed in a stack of actor’s headshots and the person viewing is giving you only a few seconds(if that) of consideration before they declare you hero or zero.

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4 November 2016

Hiring a Specialist vs a Generalist for your Headshot

The market is becoming ever more defined into niche pockets and I personally have seen this ring true more than ever across photography both private and commercial.  While there are many shops looking to “do-it-all” from wedding photography to real estate those that are excelling the most are finding their niche and mastering it.

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20 September 2016

Engaging Your Clients Visually

It is no secret that in the business world handshakes are an important part of making impressions on people and there is even scientific data backing that up.  However, these days with markets, client prospects, and job opportunities being more global than ever it just isn’t always possible to shake someone’s hand, look them in the eye and give them a clear indication of how trustworthy and cooperative you are.

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